Gary Pepper Vintage is an online boutique specialising in exquisite vintage pieces of only the highest calibre. Since its inception in late 2009, Gary Pepper Vintage is quickly carving its name into the sand and building its name to become one of the best known vintage outlets in the world. Since then, Gary Pepper has expanded its store to include vintage bags, shoes, and accessories, and designs and produces its very own signature clothing line that will be available later this year. Gary Pepper Vintage aims to introduce beautiful vintage into the lives of every fashionista in the world, one tulle skirt at a time.


Nicole Warne is the owner and creative force behind Gary Pepper Vintage who set out with one dream in mind - to travel the world sourcing beautiful vintage pieces and meeting interesting new people along the way.

When she isn’t scouring the racks for that perfect vintage piece or quietly writing down ideas in her notebook, you can find her enjoying the simple things in life like rolling around in an open meadow, taking photos with her boyfriend and sharing a freshly packed picnic in the afternoon sun.

A dreamer who spent her days in her own whimsical wonderland, Nicole aims to inspire a new generation of vintage lovers, blogging her journey each day as it comes and captivating imaginations all over the world. Nicole is set to show her ever growing audience that with her love for vintage, innate eye for beauty and unique sense of style, she can continue to write her own story and work doing something she absolutely loves.


The Gary Pepper girl is a Japanese pop star. Famous in her own right, admired by all. She is fun, quirky, confident, passionate, and exuberant, with an eclectic sense of style. A chameleon at heart, she changes her spots as many times as she can and makes friends wherever she goes. Life motto? The glass is half full. The Gary Pepper girl is really is one of a kind.