Vintage clothing is from a time before our own, embodying the style and character from another era. At Gary Pepper Vintage we believe all of our items have stood the test of time, through demonstrated durability, timelessness and uniqueness.

Vintage clothing is pre-loved and second hand and while all Gary Pepper Vintage garments and accessories are sourced with only the highest standard of quality in mind, slight signs of wear and tear are to be expected. We endeavor to provide clear, detailed and accurate descriptions disclosing all visible marks and faults that may affect the overall look and wearability of our items. In the rare circumstance where a flaw has been overlooked and not stated, please follow the refund and returns instructions listed here


To compensate for the significant variation in sizing between vintage clothing and modern day garments, as well as lack of a universally accepted sizing system, we have interpreted all sizing guides into a standardized XS, S, M, L and XL system, which you can view here. These sizes are recommended sizes and are to be used as a guide only. To ensure a perfect fit, we strongly recommend you consider the detailed and accurate measurements provided on all item descriptions and compare them with an item you already own.


Gary Pepper Vintage is happy to be supporting a cleaner and healthier future by reducing the amount of methane gas emissions and landfill waste by buying vintage and recycled clothing, and hope you will too!